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It is important to recognise that O&M is not the same thing as administration.   O&M includes what is normally considered to be ‘administration expenses’ such as admin and management salaries, Board expenses, insurance, etc.  Most importantly however O&M also includes most of the operational expenses incurred by PHC and A&D.  These expenses cover such things as vehicle operations, staff travel, power and water, repairs and maintenance, and provisions.   It is for this reason that some 45% of THS’s income is spent on O&M.

PHC and A&D budgets are largely composed of salaries. However small amounts of program specific expenditure (eg pharmaceuticals for PHC and food for A&D) are also included.

As a general principle THS takes the same percentage of funds from each source of income and puts it towards O&M. There are a few minor exceptions which relate to the precise nature of funding calculations and purposes.

At the start of 2009/10 THS budgeted for the receipt of $2,514,580 of recurrent funding in 2009/2010 as follows:

Source Purpose Income
DoHA OATSIH A Primary Health Care 1,724,336
DoH CDHS RHS Primary Health Care 65,000
DoH CHSA HWP Primary Health Care 62,566
DoH CHSA PATS Primary Health Care 30,000
DoH WWSP Primary Health Care 9,000
Medicare Primary Health Care 10,000
DoHA OATSIH B Bring Them Home 104,000
DoHA AC Aged Care 249,979
DoHA ATSICC Aged Care 66,499
DF&C HACC Aged and Disabled Care 38,200
DF&C DisabsSA/OD&CS Disabled Care 155,000
Totals 2,514,580


THS budgeted for the expenditure of all this $2,514,580 in 2009/2010 as follows:

Program PHC A&D O&M
DoHA OATSIH A 956,144 768,192
DoH CDHS RHS 65,000
DoH CHSA HWP 62,566
DoH CHSA PATS 30,000
DoH WWSP 9,000
Medicare 10,000
DoHA OATSIH B 57,668 46,332
DoHA AC 138,614 111,366
DoHA AC CDEP 66,499
DF&C HACC 21,182 17,018
DF&C Disabs SA 109,000 46,000
Totals 1,190,378 335,294 988,907